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At St Nicholas, our aim is to be a Church which follows after Jesus and proclaims the Scriptures as Truth.

We want our lives and the work of the Church to reflect the work of Christ, as we are a Church which teaches the importance of being Christ centred. 


Our Worship time is on Sundays at 9.30 am. Please come and join us. 


The stained glass focal window set behind the alter, was designed by Natalie Johnston, originally as a silk banner or reredos. After a generous bequest this design was transposed into a stained glass window, lit from behind, in 2004.

The 12 segments dividing the pattern up, represent the disciples taking the Christ’s ‘Good News’ message of  love, acceptance  and truth  to all. They radiate out from the perfect circle representing Christ, over the colours [ red and pink , blood and flesh ] across the lands, [greens] and out over the waters [blues] into space beyond. 

The brass cross is placed in front to show that Christ is indeed the centre of our universe.

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