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                                    The Church on the Corner

We are situated on the corner of Barrington and Frankleigh Streets close to the Barrington Mall.

We are a small, community friendly church that is growing again. This Parish has undergone many changes over recent times.

The Foundation stone for the original St Nicholas Church was laid on 17th October, 1926. The stone for the new church (the current one) was laid on July 26, 1958.


The hall and modern facilities were added in 1997. With our modern spacious church, kitchen, hall, lounges, creche and foyer, there are many community based activities happening weekly. There is onsite parking available.

There are two other congregations using this church.

The Church of Tonga and St George Syrian Jacobite Indian Church.

Several community groups also use our facilities as you can see at the 'Groups' menu. We do enjoy seeing the St Nicholas Community Centre being used regularly by several groups and Churches.  

If you wish to use your facilities in the future please contact us at the office to and leave a message to arrange and book as necessary.   


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